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Crossdressing Husband: A Femdom Spanking Feminization Domestic-Discipline Story

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He was quite happy with the situation but sometimes would be bored watching television if his friends were not around. Two of the big projects I've been working on came to a successful completion recently, and the third is gonna be held up for the Columbus Day weekend (love dealing with government departments - way too much bureaucracy but loads of reasons not to come to work), so I can actually spend the next few days doin' like nothing! It's what I'm best at - I spent most of my time at university applying all my efforts towards it :) His sister, Jane, was going to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding in a few months. She was very excited about it, and especially loved the dress she'd be wearing for the day. I ran to get tissues to clean it all up. That was stupid of me! But for some reason, thinking of myself as a girl made me really turned on, and made me climax so easily! I wanted to be with a girl so much, but this was exciting too. I would just do both. If I could get Lynn, my crush, to go out with me, I’d still do this in my spare time. Perhaps, I could get some of her panties too. Then I’d be wearing *her* clothes. Now *that* sounded really exciting to me! Over the next few weeks, I kept dressing up. Sometimes with just the panties, but sometimes in full outfit. I stole a pair of pantyhose from the laundry room, and started wearing those too.

Nobody would know a thing! Some time passed, and I was still doing it. It was so exciting that I wanted to try to push the envelope, and do something more daring. So I waited for a good time when nobody else was home, and went into Jody’s closet. I dug through all the things on hangers, until I found one of her blouses that might fit me. She didn’t wear it too often (I didn’t think), so she wouldn’t notice it. And there was a red plaid skirt that she used to wear to school, but didn’t anymore. One day, we got an invitation for a wedding program from a distant relative. Me and my sister were just too persistent not to go, so just my parents were going to the wedding. They would be gone for 3 days as the wedding was happening in another city quite far from where we lived. I was already planning to have some beers and chill with my friends after my parents would be gone. The wedding dates arrived and my parents left.

I don’t know what got over me. I am really sorry Jody. I promise.. I will never do this again.” I answered, almost about to cry. Okay, I won’t tell them but from now on you have to do as I say.” She said. “Fine, just don’t tell them. I will do anything Jody, please.” I said hopelessly. “You better get changed now. Mom’s going to be home soon.” Jody said with a smile, knowing that I was completely under her control. Too bad. I had a couple of outfits now. I loved the one yellow floral dress, because it was such a soft material, and when I whirled around, it would swish against the pantyhose, and send shivers up and down my spine. I just loved it! It turned me on so much! But one day, even in full dress, it didn’t seem like enough. I wanted more! Nobody was home, so for the first time, I left my room dressed as a girl. I was *so* afraid that someone would look in the windows and see me!

Disciplinary spankings, also known as punishment spankings, or corporal punishment, are usually less common than maintenance spankings, but are perhaps the most essential. They establish you as the source of the pain he fears as well as the pleasure he craves, motivating his entire mindset. It is vital that he understands that serious matters have serious consequences, and that it is as important not to displease you as it is to please you. Always make sure he knows why he is being punished, so he can learn from his mistake, correct his behavior, grow as person, and strengthen your relationship. For best results, make certain the spanking is severe enough that he learns the lesson. The frequency of disciplinary spankings varies depending on how minor an infraction you wish to punish, but for most who reserve such spankings for more major incidents, these spankings should be infrequent, and more so the longer he is yours. The intensity and duration of these spankings also varies depending on the severity and nature of his infraction, but generally speaking range from mid to extreme. Spankings of every level of severity have psychological benefit for training your man, regardless of his ability to maintain his emotional composure. It is also true that you will never make more valuable progress in training through spanking than every time you push him beyond his threshold for tears. Not every spanking needs to be about whether he cries or not, and certainly your interest in reaching tears may vary greatly from one type of spanking to another. Some women believe spanking to tears is too much, while others believe that reaching tears is a sign the spanking has worked and should end. Still others believe that spanking is just warm up until tears are reached, and only then does the actual teaching spanking begin. No matter how serious you are about spanking, remember to break your man in over time, and not to go from zero to sixty right away. Feeling very mischievous, he wondered what it was like to wear such a garment. Without hesitation he laughed to himself as he took it off the hanger, unzipped the dress and stepped into it. Carefully he pulled his arms into the sleeves but his shirt made it very difficult. He removed his shirt making it easier for his arms to go through the sleeves. Then he reached round and zipped up the dress as far as he could. It was about 3 inches away from fully zipped and he noticed the pull that the dress had around his waist and chest. I love corporal punishment, discipline, spankings and role plays. I can be your mother figure, your Auntie, your neighbour, your boss, your teacher, your prison guard or anyone else in a position of authority over you. I can spank and discipline you for your wrongdoings in your past and re-enact childhood events in which you were bad and should have been punished at the time.I can role play any scenario you wish to explore, within reason of course. I consider it a privilege to be let in on your secret fantasies that possibly up until now, you have not been able to share with anyone. In fact, almost every day I would wear Jody’s under garments. I even wore the panties to bed one night. But they were starting to smell from having been worn too many times. So I reluctantly put them in the wash. I waited a few days, and then dug through Jody’s drawers when I had a chance to find them, or a similar pair.

A strict, but caring Mommy who spanks her naughty little boy, puts him in pj's,and sends him to bed after he's been naughty Sam quietly went into the bathroom and after a few minutes he heard his sister coming up the stairs. I have shared before that Leukemia has caused a lot of changes in my life. Little things like I had a glass of apple juice every morning when I got up for decades. Suddenly, the taste of apple juice was most unappealing. Several other foods were out. Come on, we’re late. We’re taking your father out to dinner tonight for his birthday. Don’t you remember?”

Then after brushing his long shabby hair, made it look extremely feminine and placed clips and a huge pink bow at the base of a ponytail. I was paralyzed with the thought of it. My parents would surely beat the crap out of me and things would never be the same ever again. I begged Jody not to tell our parents and was at her mercy. Seeing me so scared; she had a change of heart. You will have to dress up like a girl and pretend to be a girl. You will only wear girl’s stuff from now. I know you want to. So, it will be fun for you too.the cropped version is here. Close up and emphasis on shoes, toes, etc. This is my famous vintage crinoline, it's so scratchy. Here is one of the best '60s underground fetish shorts (most are terrible). This stands out due to the fierce Latina dominatrix who resembles Tura Satana ("Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill!") both in look and over-the-top intensity. She goes berserk after her mousey schoolgirl slave brings home a note from her teacher. Note the bizarre "bondage board". A unique bit of carpentry. The domme wails away on the girl like a maniac. She only has one speed: flat out. And this is just the first half. See part two for the rest. Search for: "1960s S&M Fetish Stag Film, Dominatrix & Schoolgirl (part 2)" Furthermore, if nobody guesses that you are a boy at the wedding, we intend to keep you as a girl until you can convince us that you had a valid excuse for ruining your sister's dress in the first place. We will now update your social media profile with your new picture of you as a bridesmaid and your name is now Samantha " asking for a spanking Bedroom Submission Callipygous Commentary Dressed For Spanking erotic spanking F/M paddling Flashing foolishness Highly Spankable lingerie Love Our Lurkers Day Memories Men in Panties Paddles paddling panties Political Commentary Potpourri Schoolgirl paddlings school paddlings spanked in panties spanking spanking bench Spanking Parties Stories switching Uncategorized White Panties wtf Archives

Well, I am going to tell mom and dad that you have been going through my stuffs without my permission!” Jody scolded me. He laughed as he stood in front of the mirror and then preceeded to select and play his sister's records. She still lived at home with Sam and mother , Angela. She worked as a receptionist at a solicitor firm in town.What?” I asked her again. “I want you to do all the house chores for the next few days until mom and dad arrives. You know, cook food, do the dishes, do the laundry and everything else.” She said with a grin on her face. Duration of spanking is more about the number of strokes and the intensity of the hits than it is about the length of time it takes. The harder you are hitting, the less strokes it will take to reach the desired level of physical and mental impact. The frequency of spanking depends on the reason for the spanking. As a general rule, it is most useful in training your man to choose more frequent spankings over more serious spankings, but with a proper balance, you will be able to enjoy frequent and serious spankings while maintaining safety and well-being. The three types of spankings - maintenance, disciplinary, and pleasure - and the reason behind them is the most important factor in choosing the severity and duration. wave of a thousand colors swept over him as he bowed his head and resumed his punishment position. “Yes, Mistress. Paddle me. Discipline me. Use me for your pleasure. I submit to you.” Please let me know what type of experience you desire. I will dress accordingly for the role that you request. She handed him the paddle and then excused herself. He could hear her at the desk out front, making calls, arranging the rest of her week. The paddle felt heavy in his hands. He feared it. How different this was. Before, he was the one feeling masterful, in control, powerful. Today he felt unsure, giddy, excited. What would happen? How severe would she be? He knew she would show no mercy. He knew she would take him far down a dark path. Would he be able to let go and fall into the abyss of submission? Of complete pleasure and safety?

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